In current era, everything is changing so rapidly. Technological advancements are bringing change in every sector. Things which were considered impossible in the past are now trending and they are more convenient and efficient.

Development sector is affected by technological advancement which changed the trends of living and construction. In the past living concept was limited to horizontal living or conventional living. But as the time passes on the construction methods and practices become more efficient and the concepts of the living changed to vertical living.

Currently we are facing this change as some people are still advocate of horizontal living. In this blog we will discuss the difference between horizontal and vertical living and emphasizing.

Horizontal Living

Horizontal or conventional living is the classic style of living. Which is adopted by mankind from the start. In this, every home is individually built and in most cases the land acquired by the home belongs to the owner.
Due to that ownership the person can easily do new construction while remaining in his limits. Everything has its pros and cons. We will discuss the horizontal living briefly
• In case of natural disaster, the land worth never expires
• Customized construction
• Sole ownership

• Security issues
• Self-maintenance
• Constructed by local labor in most cases

Vertical Living

On the other hand, the emerging vertical living concept is getting its place in the minds of investors and end users. In the past there was an unseen fear while choosing vertical living. There were myths about high rises that it can collapse with a single jolt.

But the latest construction techniques and quality assurance changed the concepts and rectified all the worries of end user. In the modern countries it is already in practice while in Pakistan the evolution is ongoing.

The Government of Pakistan is also supporting this concept and giving extra subsidies to the real estate developers. The main reason to encourage this concept is to utilize less space for more business and residential purpose.

vertical living

We can observe in Rawalpindi and Islamabad and other big cities they are flooded with high rise project. They have the capacity to absorb more population and business under one roof, unlike the old concept of horizontal construction where only few people can be accommodated in a big space of land.

As Pakistan is among top 10 countries of the world having rich population. So, if we go with the old style the cities will become more and more congested. We have live example of old areas of Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Karachi etc. Roaming and driving is a fatigue in these areas.

Looking into the near future we can assume that these problems will not rise anymore. For a rough estimate here, we compare the space acquire by certain people in horizontal and vertical living.
There are 85 apartments in Emirates Mall & Residency. Consider an average of 5 people living in every apartment.5 People X 85 Apartments = 425 People

Now if we want to accommodate 425 people in horizontal houses of average 7 Marla Then the math would be
425 People X 7 Marla = 2975 Marla = 186 kanal

In comparison to 186 kanal, If the Emirates Mall & Residency is built on around 10 kanal. In addition to the mall is not only reserved for living under the same roof and same acquired land. Bundle of other facilities will be also there like business zone, parking, helipad, Restaurants. Which will bring so many job and business opportunities for people.

So, you can see a huge difference in the comparison. Following are some other benefits of the vertical living.

Certified Builders and Architect

The high rises are always a big project so not everyone can erect it. So, the high rises are built by credible builders and architects. The construction is counter checked by the local bodies and made safe and secured for living and business.
The design of modern high rises are Earthquake proof.

The luxury is promised by almost every high-rise project. The more you can invest the more luxury you will get.

vertical living

In vertical living there is no fear of being robbed on any other mishap in your surroundings. As every high rise have their own security and Entry-Exit records.

The high rises keep their standards upgraded that is why they maintain their project and the surrounding. So, the residents are hassle free.

Purified Air
Mostly it is not considered but it is a fact that at height the air is cleaner and more purified. So, vertical living concept adds a health benefit silently to the residents.

180 Degree City View
The view from height is more breathtaking and refreshing as compare to living on ground or first floor.

Lifts are adding value and convenience to the residents. In luxurious projects there are dedicated lifts as well.

There are CCTV surveillance in every high-rise project to ensure the maximum security. So, the risk of security breaching is minimalized.

Near Shops and Offices
In high rise projects the shops and offices are on the lowers portions which make it easier to go out for shopping and businesses. The need of going far is rectified.

vertical living

Car Parking and Security
The car parking and security is maximum at high rises. No one can drive out or in without entry record. There is no chance of car robbery under that roof.

After making the picture clear, anyone can decide whether they want to go for vertical or horizontal living. Of course, there are lot more benefits of vertical living than horizontal or conventional living.
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