Eighteen society is one of the most expensive and luxurious society in Islamabad. The society is located on the neck of Srinagar Highway. The society invested a huge capital on marketing and advertisement which created a huge boom in the market and public.

The society offers full fledge luxury and top-notch facilities. Attention to detail was brought into consideration. The special imported sand for golf course and unconventional yet modern style of sewerage makes it different from all others. In this system the sludge and water are separated and used for irrigation purposes.

eighteen society

The design and architectural style are iconic in every mean. The unit cost in Eighteen society is much more expensive than other developed societies. But to the affective marketing the society succeeded to get public trust and investments.


According to current updates the application for the grant of NOC from Main Srinagar Highway is rejected by the authorities.

According to the report Eighteen Society is willing to have an exclusive way from main highway. They don’t want the residents of any other touching society to use this road.

This point created the deadlock. Which cannot be compromised by both parties. The alternative for the entry point is the current service road which needs to be renovated. The problem will however continuous for the Eighteen as the service road will be used by the others too.

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